2-Minute Passive Traffic Strategy

This one is so quick & easy there is literally no excuse for not doing it right now! It will generate a massive volume of traffic credits automatically, for something you already do, dozens of times a day.

It's actually one of the oldest traffic generation strategies on the web and if you can give me five minutes, I'll show you how you can set it up NOW for an endless supply of hands-free traffic.

This strategy makes use of a special Browser Start Pages that rewards you with traffic exchange credits each time the page is viewed. It was very popular 15-20 years ago, but too many people abused it when the Auto-Surf programs first appeared, and most traffic exchanges quickly dropped the feature.

These days there's a few sites who've come up with effective anti-cheat measures and it's making a comeback, with two provisos...

1. Don't try to cheat the system. You will be caught and your account will be closed.

2. This strategy will generate plenty of traffic playing by the rules, so there's simply no need to risk it.

The idea here is simple. Each time you start your web browser... or open a new tab... a page loads. Usually your web browser shows a search page or a list of your recent websites, but you can change it to show any page you want.

And if you change it to show a page from a StartPage Exchange, then every time you open a new tab, you earn more credits that you can use to show your website to other users.

Now if it was just you opening your browser a couple of dozen times a day, this wouldn't really amount to much, but there's a nice viral twist to it, that takes it to a whole other level. You're also rewarded with a percentage of your referrals' earnings, and their referrals' earnings... and so on... all the way down through 5 levels.

Here's how it stacks up on one of the StartPage Exchange sites we use...

Personally I think those numbers are a bit conservative, especially the four referrals each!

  • When I started this, I was surprised to find I opened 50-100 new tabs most days.
  • I'm also well past the 20 personal referrals used in the demo above...
  • Now I've made this strategy page freely available, my referrals are getting some bigger numbers too.

Obviously getting anything to go 5 levels deep takes time, but the strategy outlined below will show you how you can really speed up the process.

Right now my network is just starting to fill out the third level, with just a handful of people on the fourth and one on the fifth, so things are really starting to take off. I can see that the numbers above are very achievable for anyone who implements this... as long as you're prepared to stick at it to get those first few active referrals.

Activate The Bare-Bones Strategy In The Next 2-Minutes

If you're in a hurry, I'd encourage you to complete this Quick Implementation NOW... it will only take a couple of minutes and will run hands-free in the background, forever...

1. Join TrafficG here, confirm your email and login.

2. Look for the StartPage Exchange link in the left hand menu. Open that to get your SuperStart Referral Link and read the instructions on how to set that link as your Browser Start Page.

3. Go back to the TrafficG Member's Dashboard page and add your website(s). You'll need to add a brief description and select a category. They won't have much impact with our approach, so don't spend too long on it. Make sure you click the Auto Assign Credits link to activate it.

You'll need to set up a few promos using your SuperStart Referral Link to get things started Put up some banners, add the link to your rotators and add an email to your main autoresponder. You can also post something to your social media accounts or any other advertising channels you have set up.

You'll immediately start earning credits each time you open your browser. And as you bring in a few referrals, you'll earn a Sign Up bonus for that as well, plus extra credits from their StartPage efforts... and even more again if they're active on the TrafficG exchange.

Get 5 Times The Traffic For a Little Extra Effort!

The numbers above only reflect one site. You can easily set your browser to open multiple pages... so it's no extra work to earn 5 times the credits if you join the following Start Page Exchange sites as well...

These all work much the same, though obviously the banner programs earn you banner impressions rather than page views. Just remember, the real power of this strategy comes from the viral effect of everyone doing a little bit.

Don't expect this to work if you don't actively use it yourself... karma has a way of making sure it doesn't work that way!

Easy Set & Forget Strategy

Firefox users can use the Simple Browsing Schedule Add-on to open these sites automatically, a couple of times a day. This way you can easily view each site before closing the tab, with minimal interruption.

There's also a Reload Option but it only works with a couple of these start pages and isn't operating in the spirit of the exchange program... ie. you view pages to get your own pages viewed... so it would be considered cheating the system to have Tabs reloading sight-unseen.

There's simply no need to force this if you're patient and actively growing your network. Much better to work within the rules and never have to worry about being caught and banned!

The Advanced Viral Strategy

The key here is to help your people duplicate what you're doing. Fortunately for you, that's really easy!

1. Steal This Page Please!

Copy-and-paste this entire page into a new blog post or page! Change my links to use your referral links for each of the programs. You can rewrite this text if you want, but I honestly don't care if you use it word-for-word.

2. Send Everyone To This Page!

Set up lots of links/banners/ads/posts to each of ther four programs, BUT instead of sending people directly to those sites, send everyone to your copy of this page first.

That way you'll be showing them a super-useful strategy AND you'll give them exactly what they need so they can implement it themselves, quickly and easily.

They can repeat the process, make their own copy of this page, and show their own referrals how to do the same!

This one simple page is a game-changer. Instead of just telling people what it is and how it works... and hoping they'll work it all out... you're giving them everything they need to make it work.

You remove all excuses and demonstrate to your referrals just how easy it is to do it right, do it now...

And the fact you've read this far is proof that it works!

You wouldn't still be here if you didn't see the potential and know you could set this up completely, all in the next few minutes and reap the rewards forever... so enough procrastination already... Click Here To Get Started!

If you're new to online marketing and don't have traffic systems in place yet, you might want to check out EzAdz Advertising Dashboard. Instead of constantly chasing one-time visitors, EzAdz lets you set up ongoing traffic systems, that you can point to any offer you like.

So for something like this, you could add some the 4 program banners to your existing banner campaigns, drop your 4 referral pages into your Rotators and add couple of emails to your main Autoresponder series. 10-15 minutes and you'll have a steady stream of traffic arriving on your blog post (of this page)... signing up to TrafficG, Yibbida, Share My Ads, Buckets of Banners and GR8 Autosurf... all growing your StartPage network and delivering Unstoppable Traffic to whatever pages you want!

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Generate 100,000s of FREE Visitors to any Offer by Legally Stealing Other People Videos Working just 15 min./day

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