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Hands-Free Viral AdBoard Traffic!

Want a Page Like This for FREE? - Click Here!

Viral AdBoards have been around for a long time, and most will provide some useful advertising... as long as you keep promoting your Ads. Personally though, I prefer Set-and-Forget traffic...

So the strategy below is one we've developed to keep your ads alive and generating useful traffic, totally hands-free, pretty much indefinitely.

We've developed the strategy to use the AdCardz AdBoard site, and you'll find it has the viral features built-in to ensure this works really well.

How AdBoards Work

There are two key processes that make AdBoards so effective...

1. Everyone Has To Do Something!

Each new Advertiser is required to perform some tasks to activate their own Ads. They might need to send visitors, click on other people's ads, sign up new advertisers. Whatever form it takes, if the AdBoard owner strikes a good balance, most will bring in a steady stream of new advertisers, and that's what keeps your ads alive for even longer.

2. Everyone Views Multiple Ads over Multiple Levels!

Whether it's half a dozen Ad Banners or 100+ AdCardz, most AdBoards are designed so the visitor has to view other people's ads, over multiple levels. For example, my visitors don't just see my ads, the see the ad from the person who signed me up, another from the person who signed them up, and so on... So any time I bring in a new advertiser, I'm creating a whole new downline that will keep my Ad alive for even longer.

Why We Like AdCardz For This...

AdCardz has a couple of extra features that make it even more powerful and ideal for the strategy we're going to share with you.

You can post your AdCardz Ad totally free, and then activate it by viewing a few other ads or just sending traffic.

Each time you send a visitor to your own AdCard Link, your AdCard is shown at the top of the page. This means that if your visitors create their own AdCards, your AdCard moves into the second position.

When their visitors create their own AdCards, you move to position three... And so on, down through hundreds of levels!

And even when the AdBoard is viewed by people outside your direct downline, your AdCard is still shown until it eventually rotates off the bottom of page.

So simply by activating your AdCard you're guaranteeing it's going to be seen by a massive audience for an extended period of time... usually 4-6 months at a minimum...

Even if you do nothing else.

The thing is, every time one of your referrals creates a new AdCard, you're creating a whole new downline and moving your AdCard back to the top of the page.

So you can literally keep your AdCard alive forever with just a small volume of visitor traffic...

Just one new advertiser a months a would maintain this.

Two or three would grow it.

More than that would make it explode!

The Linked AdCardz Strategy

Our strategy here is to bring in a few new advertisers as quickly as possible to get things moving fast , so you can create a system that will continue to bring in even more every month after that. This ensures your system continues to grow indefinitely.

We do that with a series of Linked AdCards and a common Strategy Page just like this one, which promotes them all. This means that a single page view will generate multiple AdCard Views and the chance of signing up a new Advertiser to continue the process.

The secret weapon here is this Strategy page you're on right now. To make it super-easy for you... and your referrals... you can copy this page and make it your own. Seriously... Please Steal This Page Now!

  • You then create two Ads on each of the AdBoards below, one for your offer, one for this page.
  • You link to each of your Offer Ads from this page to Promote & Activate your Ads...
  • You send a small amount of quality traffic to this page to get things rolling.
  • And over time enough of the general AdBoard traffic will click your Strategy Page Ads to feed and grow your system...

This simple process takes about 20 minutes to set up and effectively turbo-charges one of the most viral sites I've ever encountered... so it will soon be running entirely under it's own steam!

How It Works

Most of the visitors you send to this page will view one or more ads. That will take care of the activation process for your ads.

Many of them will also decide to set up their own Ad(s) while they're there... this starts the standard viral process.

Some of your people will view this page and decide to replicate your efforts... sending ongoing traffic to your Ads.

And some of the random visitors through the AdBoards will see and click your Strategy Page Ads, and decide to replicate this page/system for themselves...

All of which feeds even more visitors back into your AdCardz traffic system...

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. First of all you need to copy this page.

If you have a blog you can usually just copy-and-paste all this text into your Editor and tweak it to your liking. Save it and make a note of the link... we'll need that to create your ads.

If you have an HTML website you might find it easier to view-source first and copy the text of the page from there. You'll probably still need to edit the formatting but it should save you some time.

Either way, you will have to come back later and change the links below to use your Ad Links, but for now, get the basic page published ASAP, so you have the link ready to use in your Ads (That's next!)

2. Create Your First Ad Pair

It's vitally important that you create your Ads in the correct order. For each AdBoard you use, you should create an Ad for this Strategy page first and then your Offer Ad after that.

>> Click Here to Create Your Strategy Page Ad <<

Scroll down to the form as shown, and enter your Ad Details...

Over time there will be other ads created here for very similar pages, so you want to get creative and come up with an engaging headline and ad text!

You can use any of the text or headlines from this page as a starting point. You'll usually get a pretty good response with any offer to help people get more traffic to their AdCardz Ads, grow their AdCardz downlines, automate their AdCardz business etc.

If you want to grab any of the Add-Ons, that's a super-cheap way to make your Ad really standout... especially adding images and/or colour.

When you're ready, you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to submit. It's good karma to click a few ads on the away! If you selected any Add-ons you'll be prompted to make your payment for those.

After that, you'll need to check your email and click the confirmation link...

Once you do that you'll be redirected to your Ad Activation Page. You should bookmark that for future reference. Any promos you set up will keep this ad working for you indefinitely, so consider adding a banner to your rotators or an email to your autoresponder series.

Other than that, just look for your Personal Ad Link...

When you click on that, you'll be taken back to the AdBoard, but this time your Ad will be showing in the top position. You now create a second Ad... this time for your preferred Money Offer... on that page.

After you submit your Ad, you'll need to confirm your email address again and the Ad Activation Page will open again. This time, make a note of your Personal Ad Link to your Money Offer Ad...

Now when we promote that link, anyone clicking will see both your ads at the top of the page!

3. Swap Out My Link Above For Your Own

In your copy of this page, you need to swap out my link above (Click Here to Create Your Strategy Page Ad) with your Personal Ad Link to your Money Offer Ad.

4. Create A Second Ad Pair

You can now repeat the process on another AdBoard and instantly double your results!

Just click on the link below to create your first (Strategy Page) Ad. Confirm your email then click your Personal Ad Link to open your new Ad page... where you can create another Money Offer ad.

Then just swap out the link below (on your copy of this page), with your new (2nd) Personal Ad Link.

>> Click Here to Create Your Second Strategy Page Ad <<

So hopefully that all makes sense and you can see how it fits together?

You've now got four Ads on two different AdBoards that will send visitors to your money sites AND feed enough traffic back to your copy of this page, to grow this system on auto. If you now set up a few promos for your copy of this page, you can get things moving even faster... but we'll come back to that shortly.

5. Rinse and Repeat for Even More Traffic!

You can repeat the process as many times as you like, for any program you like, just as long as you always create the new Ad under the last one you made...

So for example, if you make six ads in total, and you promote the last Ad Link, ALL your Ads will be visible directly under that. So your AdCards will be the first 6 ads the visitor sees when they arrive.

So every new referral they send will also be promoting all six of your AdCards right up at the top of the page.

6. Two Ways To Monetize This Page! (Optional)

AdCardz has a very generous affiliate program that will pay you recurring commissions for any new AdBoard owners you refer. It's all run through Clickbank, so you can monetize this page simply by inserting your Clickbank ID in the link below...

The other option is to become an AdBoard Owner yourself!

This is a simple plug-n-play system that anyone can set up, promote and profit from, with no experience or expertise required. When you combine it with this Strategy Page you'll also have a hands-free system in place to grow your entire business for you.

You get two AdBoards in the basic package, so you could promote both of those through this single 'Strategy Page' and all new AdCards created from here will be growing your AdCardz business.

Even better, you'd be the one getting paid for all add-ons purchased!

>> Click Here to Get Your Own AdBoard Busines <<

Recommended Traffic Sources

The key to making this work is sending enough traffic NOW to activate each of your AdCards. Ideally you'll also want to set up a small volume of ongoing traffic to continuously feed the system... to generate an ever-increasing volume of traffic over time. Here's a couple of my preferred traffic resources and how I use them here...

Ez Banners. Simple but powerful, set-and-forget Viral Banner program. Use the AdCardz affiliate banner provided or make your own, but point the traffic to your copy of this page. Consider also creating another AdCard pointing back to the EzBannerz site, to grow that one on auto as well!

Tron Banners. Similar to EzBannerz with a nice crypto cashflow option! Again you weant ot point that one to this page, and create an AdCard to feed traffic back to TronBanners so that loop also grows on auto.

Second Splash. This is particularly powerful... register and create a (free) splash page on this site, promoting the Viral AdCard strategy, and pointing to your copy of this page. Then make sure you also create an AdCard promoting Second Splash. The two will feed each other constanttly, and you'll find Second Splash can be quite lucrative in it's own right!

EzClix Club. This is a paid service, but super-cheap and very effective. Use your link or banner, (or both for a while) to drive hands-free traffic to this page, to get things moving. Once this is rolling, you can swap out your links and use the EzClix traffic for your next project...

Banner Wiz. Finally, the power-users can grab a 1 or 2 million banner credit package and use that to drive steady traffic to this page for YEARS. Definitely consider making a few of your own banners teasing the Viral AdCard strategy, and point each of them to this page!

Results Follow Action!

This strategy works a treat when you do a little bit of one-time work to set it up.
It's all about Duplication so it only works if you show your own people how to use it too. So I'm giving you two easy options for that...

Please Steal This Page!

Just copy-and-paste the entire page into a new page on your website or blog. Make sure you change the links to use your own referral IDs. Tweak the text if you want. Or use it word-for-word.

I'm fine either way as long as you get this done ASAP!

Just remember to tell your visitors that they can do the same!

That's how you go from signing up a few affiliates here and there, to building a team and growing a powerful & profitable network.

That's the difference between a couple of bucks a month in random commissions and a substantial ever-increasing hands-free income.

Or Do You Prefer DFY

If you prefer plug-and-play then it all gets even easier.

This is just one of the many Pro Marketing Pages that comes with the EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine. Set them up once and watch EVERYTHING grow... your traffic, your referrals, your commissions.... without all the mindless traffic surfing, ad clicking or email reading.

I gave all that up when I joined EzHitzs and the fact you're here reading this is proof that these Automated Traffic Systems work... without all that busy-work.

So if you're sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you'd rather be working on growing your business... and you're not afraid of a little work... make sure you Check out EzHitzs:

>> Join The Ezhitzs <<

2-Minute Passive Traffic Strategy

This one is so quick & easy there is literally no excuse for not doing it right now! It will generate a massive volume of traffic credits automatically, for something you already do, dozens of times a day.

It's actually one of the oldest traffic generation strategies on the web and if you can give me five minutes, I'll show you how you can set it up NOW for an endless supply of hands-free traffic.

This strategy makes use of a special Browser Start Pages that rewards you with traffic exchange credits each time the page is viewed. It was very popular 15-20 years ago, but too many people abused it when the Auto-Surf programs first appeared, and most traffic exchanges quickly dropped the feature.

These days there's a few sites who've come up with effective anti-cheat measures and it's making a comeback, with two provisos...

1. Don't try to cheat the system. You will be caught and your account will be closed.

2. This strategy will generate plenty of traffic playing by the rules, so there's simply no need to risk it.

The idea here is simple. Each time you start your web browser... or open a new tab... a page loads. Usually your web browser shows a search page or a list of your recent websites, but you can change it to show any page you want.

And if you change it to show a page from a StartPage Exchange, then every time you open a new tab, you earn more credits that you can use to show your website to other users.

Now if it was just you opening your browser a couple of dozen times a day, this wouldn't really amount to much, but there's a nice viral twist to it, that takes it to a whole other level. You're also rewarded with a percentage of your referrals' earnings, and their referrals' earnings... and so on... all the way down through 5 levels.

Here's how it stacks up on one of the StartPage Exchange sites we use...

Personally I think those numbers are a bit conservative, especially the four referrals each!

  • When I started this, I was surprised to find I opened 50-100 new tabs most days.
  • I'm also well past the 20 personal referrals used in the demo above...
  • Now I've made this strategy page freely available, my referrals are getting some bigger numbers too.

Obviously getting anything to go 5 levels deep takes time, but the strategy outlined below will show you how you can really speed up the process.

Right now my network is just starting to fill out the third level, with just a handful of people on the fourth and one on the fifth, so things are really starting to take off. I can see that the numbers above are very achievable for anyone who implements this... as long as you're prepared to stick at it to get those first few active referrals.

Activate The Bare-Bones Strategy In The Next 2-Minutes

If you're in a hurry, I'd encourage you to complete this Quick Implementation NOW... it will only take a couple of minutes and will run hands-free in the background, forever...

1. Join TrafficG here, confirm your email and login.

2. Look for the StartPage Exchange link in the left hand menu. Open that to get your SuperStart Referral Link and read the instructions on how to set that link as your Browser Start Page.

3. Go back to the TrafficG Member's Dashboard page and add your website(s). You'll need to add a brief description and select a category. They won't have much impact with our approach, so don't spend too long on it. Make sure you click the Auto Assign Credits link to activate it.

You'll need to set up a few promos using your SuperStart Referral Link to get things started Put up some banners, add the link to your rotators and add an email to your main autoresponder. You can also post something to your social media accounts or any other advertising channels you have set up.

You'll immediately start earning credits each time you open your browser. And as you bring in a few referrals, you'll earn a Sign Up bonus for that as well, plus extra credits from their StartPage efforts... and even more again if they're active on the TrafficG exchange.

Get 5 Times The Traffic For a Little Extra Effort!

The numbers above only reflect one site. You can easily set your browser to open multiple pages... so it's no extra work to earn 5 times the credits if you join the following Start Page Exchange sites as well...

These all work much the same, though obviously the banner programs earn you banner impressions rather than page views. Just remember, the real power of this strategy comes from the viral effect of everyone doing a little bit.

Don't expect this to work if you don't actively use it yourself... karma has a way of making sure it doesn't work that way!

Easy Set & Forget Strategy

Firefox users can use the Simple Browsing Schedule Add-on to open these sites automatically, a couple of times a day. This way you can easily view each site before closing the tab, with minimal interruption.

There's also a Reload Option but it only works with a couple of these start pages and isn't operating in the spirit of the exchange program... ie. you view pages to get your own pages viewed... so it would be considered cheating the system to have Tabs reloading sight-unseen.

There's simply no need to force this if you're patient and actively growing your network. Much better to work within the rules and never have to worry about being caught and banned!

The Advanced Viral Strategy

The key here is to help your people duplicate what you're doing. Fortunately for you, that's really easy!

1. Steal This Page Please!

Copy-and-paste this entire page into a new blog post or page! Change my links to use your referral links for each of the programs. You can rewrite this text if you want, but I honestly don't care if you use it word-for-word.

2. Send Everyone To This Page!

Set up lots of links/banners/ads/posts to each of ther four programs, BUT instead of sending people directly to those sites, send everyone to your copy of this page first.

That way you'll be showing them a super-useful strategy AND you'll give them exactly what they need so they can implement it themselves, quickly and easily.

They can repeat the process, make their own copy of this page, and show their own referrals how to do the same!

This one simple page is a game-changer. Instead of just telling people what it is and how it works... and hoping they'll work it all out... you're giving them everything they need to make it work.

You remove all excuses and demonstrate to your referrals just how easy it is to do it right, do it now...

And the fact you've read this far is proof that it works!

You wouldn't still be here if you didn't see the potential and know you could set this up completely, all in the next few minutes and reap the rewards forever... so enough procrastination already... Click Here To Get Started!

If you're new to online marketing and don't have traffic systems in place yet, you might want to check out EzAdz Advertising Dashboard. Instead of constantly chasing one-time visitors, EzAdz lets you set up ongoing traffic systems, that you can point to any offer you like.

So for something like this, you could add some the 4 program banners to your existing banner campaigns, drop your 4 referral pages into your Rotators and add couple of emails to your main Autoresponder series. 10-15 minutes and you'll have a steady stream of traffic arriving on your blog post (of this page)... signing up to TrafficG, Yibbida, Share My Ads, Buckets of Banners and GR8 Autosurf... all growing your StartPage network and delivering Unstoppable Traffic to whatever pages you want!

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